Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carters Custom Designs - Collars

We received a call from Iain Wandsworth, the friendly lady who maintains Carter’s Custom Designs’ blog, among other things.

Would we be interested in seeing some lovely new collars? I admitted that we might.. possibly.. have a space in our schedule.. right now! ;)

With lovely names like “Stylish”, “Gothic”, “Glamour” and “Girl’s best friends”, they are suitable for a fashion look or a submissive one, depending on how you wear them.

I’m wearing Girl’s Best Friends, for example, without the little bell in the middle. The earrings come in a belled or no bell version. They’re a little bigger than I love, so I skipped them here. The Stylish ones are fun, though.

A few notes on the scripts : the resize has two very good settings, minimum size (which fit me best) and maximum size, which is about the size of a swimming pool - I tried it and had a chuckle. If lelo ever loses me in a crowd, I have a nice locator ;)

The attachment point for the collars is the chest; not bad, but not convenient for me, so I changed it to the spine (I was losing my Drawmachine dress fluff!) The collar appeared between my legs.. took me a moment to find it ;) Lower end of the spine, apparently.

Iain told me the store was nice, but she understated things. The plaza is gorgeous, each department of Carters a separate store. Classy, easy to navigate.. the collars even have their own teleporter stop. Definitely worth a visit.

Good pictures and descriptions here :

Want your sub to look fashionable or do you want to bind the lady of your heart to you?

Here is the solution, collars made by a jewellery designer aka lockable jewellery.

Kimber was smart and used the now open source Dari Haus script, arguably the best collar script in SL.

She tweaked it a bit, for instance she added a nice resizing script to them.

Some die hard BDSM fans will find these collars too fancy, but what’s wrong with making your sub look good and fashionable?

Every collar comes with matching earrings and i’m sure you can find some matching jewellery in her shop.

I especially love the lace on the gothic, looks really with the jewels. It’s tempting but still not putting my good old Amethyst away. *winks*

Name: Carters Custom Designs
Owner: Kimber Carter



  1. Being a user of Open collar since i joined SL, and using only Dari's amazing blindfold and/or gag, im really interested in knowing the reason of saying Dari's is the best collar open source scripts?

  2. Well, first of all it started as a commercial script and at the time it was the standard house collar for quite a few great houses around SL. And secondly i said arguably.... *winks*