Monday, June 20, 2011

Bhadra's - Mistress Laced Corset and Posture Collar

You know how there aren’t that many prim corsets around? ;) Yeah, well.

It’s fun to be proven wrong like that, though.

Maybe I should say there just aren’t that many strangers that mail bloggers money? ;)

We were dancing at Rubber Room when our friend Juggernutz Ivanovic asked if we knew Bhadra’s. She pointed us to the new prim corset and neck corset, and we went over, loved what we saw, and voila.

This is a very good looking corset, with a wide assortment of textures on an excellent shape. You should be able to wear this with almost anything.

I don’t just mean color-wise; both v2 alpha masks and v1 invisiprims are available to help you fit the corset to your silhouette.

The matching neck corset is a real posture collar, keeping lelo’s head up in a rigid attention pose.

This is a very good piece of kit, as lelo put it. (blame the BBC) We need to stop by Bhadra’s more often!

Ok another prim corset tonight, will i ever get bored with them? Will Mistress ever stop lacing me up in them.... keep tuned to this blog.. *winks*

Well first things first Bhadra succeeded were most failed, this corset is the first one we found that can be adjust along 3 axes, ok it’s still a job but made much easier this way.

There are numerous options in the corset and it takes a little while to find them all, but i’ll try and do it justice.

First there are the look options, 20 in all, 9 different black texture and quite a few plastic colors.

Then there are the boobs and the pussy string, which we didn’t show because of our rating, i know you all love Mistress’s little hearts but in this case we took the easy road.

Another thing i love is the addition of the cloth layer corsets, letting you wear the corset without all the awkwardness of prims in SL, great for a shopping trip.

Then there is the RP fun part we see in most corsets made by bondage bunnies, the slow lacing of the corset, this time sadly no preview of the finished product but with 10 steps it should be great. *smiles*

Usually we skip the posture collar but this time it’s worth mentioning the extra features it offers.

Next to a lock function. RLV compatible of course, you get a chain to option and and this is as far away from PG as you can get in my book, a plastic bag option, don’t try this at home kids.

Both corsets use note cards to set owners and options, at least keeping that out of the already pretty big menu.

So another great prim corset, and one that should fit most in SL, i wonder which improvement we’ll find next.

Name : Bhadra's Fetish Shoes & Toys
Owner : Bhadragura Rodenberger



  1. (hopefully this isn't a repost because Blogger went funny when I tried to post the comment)

    As prim corset experts, have you ever found a prim corset that fits a male shape well, or could be resized to fit?

  2. Your best option would be the Bhadra corset with it's 3 axis adjustment it should be adjustable to a male frame, you might need to widen your hips a little.