Friday, June 17, 2011

More PonyBoUnd

Following a hot tip from a friend, I visited PonyBound once again, as I hear rumbling of new developments going on there.

And I am happy report that there is a scripter on board who will be developing scripts for the tack, and the owner is creating new items.

Top of the list of these is a game - I cant reveal details yet as it is not quite ready, but it should be something totally new to ponies, and can is not exclusive for ponies either, so puppies can join too.

So with this and the long awaited game from Saleena’s boutique, this fall should be an interesting time for ponies.

What the designers I have spoken with really need is ideas, they can come up with some ideas, of course, but, many heads are better than one when it comes to creating something new that SL does not yet have.

So if you have any thoughts, wants or crazy kooky ideas for something, post it here or drop me a line in world (Jaydana Thorne) and I’ll pass it around and try to get it made.

The builders I speak with are always keen to get ideas from the people that buy their products, so please, don’t be shy and you never know, it might just get made.


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