Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CorinS - Officer Latex Set

We got a few “Oh, have you dropped by Corin’s, she’s got a ton of nice new stuff” tips lately from our friends, so we dropped by her store and it was definitely worth the visit.

This is Corin’s Officer Latex set; not her latest release, but I liked it on sight.

It comes with three boxes in the box : the cap, the dress, and the boots. If you enjoy unpacking, well, you’ll love this set.

Good notecards give tips to help you fit things properly (for example, the one called “OMG, I have a fat ass in my skirt!”)

The officer’s cap is possibly the best one in my collection so far - regular readers know I love these things.

All prim parts in the outfit contain a resizing script. Making the boots and the cap fit took a bit of work, but was not difficult.

The dress looks great, with a Power Girl-style cutout in front and strong white lines highlighting the silhouette.

The boots are good, with latex reflections and a back zipper, stiletto heel and half-inch platform.

If your sub likes a military look, this outfit will turn them to putty ;)

It was high time we revisited Corin’s store, as we knew she is a busy bunny.

And sure enough she had been busy indeed, filling her big, big store with loads of goodies.

The place has greatly improved its appearance since we first dropped by - the store looked a little like a first-person shooter maze.

Even though she has made quite a few new items, we just couldn’t let this one go by, my ballets are Mistress’s caps. *smiles*

The dress, boots and caps are sold separately but the set is a no brainer considering the price, but if you are hooked on your, say BAX boots, then you could go for just the gorgeous dress and the cap.

You can get it in blue, pink, white, purple, red and as shown here (for you monochrome viewers) black.

What ever you do, do give Corin’s shop a look, i’m sure your bank account will regret it.. *winks*

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity


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