Thursday, June 23, 2011

Places : Club Le Fétiche

Club Le Fétiche is located on Darkadia. They’re good neighbors, according to Mariko ;)

We finally got around to going over and having a peek. We were greeted by friendly staff, who gave us good information and were generally amazingly nice and helpful.

That’s completely in line with the stated goals of the club, of being a friendly and welcoming place.

Le Fétiche has been in existence since Fall 2009 - fairly impressive for a fetish club in SL.

The club’s interior is decorated in vintage boudoir style, giving a cosy feel right at the entrance.

It is open to all fetishes, and aside from the warm social room, a dungeon is available, with state-of-the-art toys.

Le Fétiche organizes events and parties, with an impressive list of sponsors that reads like an SL fetish Who’s Who - you know, like a certain blog ;)

This is not unusual for a club; but they also run an educational center. Educators from all over Second Life come to give classes, which we hear are quite popular.

The art gallery is also a big draw, bringing in people who are not usually in the BDSM community.

I’ll just add a little quote from the club owner, Wancha Back:

“I'm determined to ensure that Le Fetiche is open to all, but particularly those of like mind. I'm passionate about its future and I’ll be working to provide more of what our guests have always come to expect.”
Sounds good to us.


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