Friday, June 10, 2011

How Time Flies

I was wandering around FFF, battling the lag that seems to have been ever present this week, and bumped all too briefly into Button Wright.

Before she had to log, we were discussing how the pony scene in FFF has changed so much in the last four or so years.

And whilst there has been many improvements, we also reminisced over things we missed about the good old days.

There have of course been the many sim closures, as well as pony community legends that have passed, or left SL for many different reasons. All of whom have been and continue to be missed.

There have of course been new technologies that help to change the way pony play has evolved, not least of which is RLV.

So let’s pause and give thought to those that helped to shape pony play in SL, those that give up their free time to hepl the rest of us find our place.

We thank you - and will continue to support you.

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