Monday, June 13, 2011

Hugo's Design - Jorja (Special Edition) and Cat 2 50% Sheer

Two new releases by Hugo this week : Cat 2 50% sheer, worn by lelo in black first, then hard pink, and Jorja Special Edition, blue, worn by yours truly.

It’s much like the Jorja we reviewed last month, with some good additions. First, the blue is a new, previously unreleased color.

The body top, aside from the new color, has some fun shades and a center tribal pattern - I hope it doesn’t mean I joined a Triad or something similar ;)

Also added is a fun waist cincher : I’m wearing it on the shirt layer, and the top sleeve thing (referred to as a shawl) on the jacket layer. Four v2 all-in-one tattoo layers are included.

This is one you’ll have fun playing with. 32 parts plus the 4 v2 … you’ll go dizzy just doing all the permutations.

Panties expose everything, so keep that in mind in your travels ;)

The Cat 2 doesn’t leave much to the imagination, i do like a deep cut top but this will cause bladder infections.

The catsuit itself is 50% sheer which i really love, showing your skin under the shiny latex.

As you would expect from Erik all the layers are included as well as a two options, with and without seams.

The catsuit is available in: baby pink, black, blue, green, hard pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

You also get stockings, gloves and pasties in the lovely little shopping bag.

Ohh, small note: the pasties are.. you guessed it, also 50% sheer, so if you want a little bit of modesty you better go hunting for some 0% sheer ones and don’t forget some panties. *winks*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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