Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Neurolab - Cyber Collar X-2

We hadn’t visited Neurolab in a while, and saw those cool cuffs and collar in a little shop he has on Oxymoron.

Well lelo will buy anything with a blue LED on it, so I made her a little gift ;)

We swung by the main store too, just to see how it was looking these days. Well it’s futuristic, it’s cyberpunky, it’s cool, and it’s dark. Lighting will be a big problem in the future, it seems.

So. This beautiful collar and cuffs set has a pretty impressive color HUD for the LEDs, and looks pretty awesome out of the box with the lights flashing.

(We set them to solid for the pic, but if you like bling, you’ll enjoy them.)

So spoil the cyberfetishpunkshiny doll in your life and bring her to Neuro ;)

Finally a toy on the blog, it’s been a while and it was high time we found something new and exciting.

You get a male and female version in the box and no they aren’t trans so no partner look right out of the box.

There is no RLV or other locking scripts in these cuffs or the collar, but if need be there are a few free scripts available in SL.

The script in the prims give you a very nice working re-size option and under textures you will find an option to switch the lights from flashing to solid.

The real fun of these except for the good look is in the options you get from the supplied HUD.

With it you can set the colors of the lights, the Neurolab symbol, the barcode and the standby light. And i mean you can set the colors, there are 8 presets, 32 shades, there is the usual color-field and if that’s not enough you can enter the RGB code.

And if that’s not enough for you you can also set the Transparency, glow and shininess.

Enough to keep you busy for months, so.. great design, which will match any outfit you might have...

Name : Neurolab
Owner : Ono Zinner


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