Monday, June 27, 2011

Rubber Zoo - Infectious Rubber Skunk

We got a suggestion from Shigeko Tachikawa, one of lelo’s tipsters, to drop by Rubber Zoo and have a peek at his Rubber Skunk avatars.

On arrival, we saw a simple display of colored heads on a counter - I nearly wondered whether we should have made a left turn at Albuquerque, as Bugs used to say.

A pleasant conversation with Coyote soon explained much: he’s passionate about his designs, good things are coming (including a store move and more designs), and the avatars of all colors are now free.

That’s right. Much in the same way as we wanted a SL fetish blog and set out to create one when we didn’t find it, Coyote decided to share his fetish by distributing his work for free, under the very liberal terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license.

That means the avatar is free to use and modify. If you do modify it and distribute your own version, you’re simply asked to include your Second Life name and a description of your work in a notecard, and place it in the head and the core object.

That said, there’s a tip jar at the store, and you’re encouraged to support him, of course.

The tiny skunk avatar is adorable, and looks quite good. For once I’m taller than lelo! ;)

Stay tuned for more from Rubber Zoo soon.

Better be careful, this one is very infectious.

Infectious Rubber Skunk is a self contained RLV theme park, it should keep you busy for weeks.

The kit contains everything you need to become a rubber skunk, male and female forms are included.

Best thing for me are the ballet boots of course, but then that’s just me. *winks*

But the rest of the outfit looks great, a true lesson in less is more.

The scripting is what will get most people into this outfit, not just because of the infectious part, small tip for RLV relay users who don’t like to end up as a rubber skunk: “RUN, RUN, RUN...”.

The scripting was done by Maxwell Desideri and is a standalone RLV wonder, no Domme needed, permissions change over time and some might become permanent.

The thing i love the most, ok after the ballets, is the way your talk turns into squeaks to every one except other rubber creatures from the zoo.

Ohh there might be a cure, better check the included notecard.. if you want.

Name : Rubber Zoo
Owner : Coyote Seattle


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