Friday, June 24, 2011

Tropical Dream Pony Club

I am pleased to report that the Tropical Dream Pony Club is back in SL once more.

Notably missing for several months, it was quite by chance I learned that the club is back once more, giving the ponies of SL a nice tropical beach setting in which to train.

Sadly, on my visit, no one was there. I can report however that the sim is full of the usual array of pony activities, all themed for a tropical beach setting.

The island even sports a vet, in case of injury or ailment to your treasured pony.

The stables on the ground level are built in the popular “tiki hut” style, and lend a tropical atmosphere.

In the west of the island is a club house, with a well-stocked bar and lounge area, and docked nearby is a large yacht, lending yet more atmosphere to what is a lovely place for any pony to train and work on their tan.

Reminding me of the Hedonism resort, this looks like a fun place to keep an eye on.

Be sure to bring your bikini or swimming trunks along too.

A quick TP to the main stable takes you away from the fun resort, and into more familiar pony training territory, with green grass and all the usual training aids expected in a pony sim.

Be sure to check it out and lend support.


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