Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sophie's Shop - Corset Pipe Stem Latex Red

Lelo went wandering around at Damsel (there’s more to see than just the Bondage Ranch around there since the Freedom continent merger!) and she found Sophie Preiss’s corset shop.

Well we dropped by the main shop at Aya BDSM and found that and more - you maids and sissies keep an eye out for an upcoming post.

We were lucky enough to run into Sophie herself while visiting. I love when that happens!

She gave us a good intro on the corset, and even a special version which allowed us to avoid the realistic, gradual increase in corset tightness; I can’t really wait six hours for lelo to get accustomed to the small size for a picture. She fainted a few times but is all better now ;)

The corset, then, is an intricate bondage and roleplay toy. It comes with a full outfit which I will let lelo describe in detail, and some fun sound effects while tight-lacing.

There aren’t many prim corsets out there, as Sophie remarked. Our “ corsets “ label count is fairly low : Rosal, KaS, and one cool one from Abyss, the others being clothes-layer only. Well it looks like we found a new one :)

The center of this outfit is the corset, which offers some great “play” options.

As you might imagine it’s fully RLV loaded, but the fun really starts with the tightening of the corset, which can and will cause you all kinds of discomforts... *smiles*

It is filled with fun animations, texts and sounds to enhance the realism of the corset.

There are 2 versions of the corset in the pack one V1 and one V2 version, for the V2 you get 4 alpha tattoo layer to get the corset to work with different height boots.

The supplied ballets are fun but i would recommend getting some nicer ones to complete the outfit.

Next to the short skirt attached to the corset you get 3 additional skirts, two long and one great little maids petticoat-ed skirt.

You can wear the supplied red catsuit like in our pictures or wear panties and stockings, though i’m afraid there isn’t a matching top for the panties.. leaving certain items exposed to the wind.. sorry no pictures of that, remember our PG rating. *winks*

Finally there is the Giraffe Collar tilting your head up and holding it firmly in place.

This is the ultimate bondage maid's dress, offered in red or the more traditional black.

Name : Sophie's Shop
Owner : Sophie Preiss


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