Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HybridZ - Latex Furry Sub

Here’s the promised review on the cool Latex Furry Sub complete kit.

I’m wearing the black - it’s kind of a moot distinction since lelo and I have the same shape, for once.

First thing you’ll notice if you’re using v1 as I am, is that the boots are v2 only. The bondage mittens also have an alpha layer - my hands show in some poses.

Get out your trusty favorite invisiprims (and go get POC’s Antilles Wedges if you don’t have any - as more designers go v2 only, you’ll hit this more often. I sure do.)

This kit comes with a detailed (900 words!) notecard. Make sure you read it to avoid surprises.

You’ll find, for instance, that “... using the Blindfold on an avatar will result in any other Alt accounts, on the same computer, also being blinded. ”

We have some happy news to add to this post : Fyre Furse and Natalie Serapis tied the knot!

Our congratulations and best wishes to both of them. But wait, as they say, there’s more! ;)

Here’s the note Nat sent out :

“To celebrate we'd like to share our happiness with you by running a 24 hr 50% off sale at the HybridZ Mainstore.”

So go give two pillars of the kink community in SL your best wishes, and stock up on heavy rubber bondage toys :)

This is a fun new creation from our freshly wed couple at HybridZ, let me first congratulate Fyre and Natalie and wish them many happy years together.

The kit offers 15 items and is a complete AV, you’ll only need a name and a group tag the rest is included.

Next to the catsuit and fun looking hood you get a pair of ballets.. (lelo happy) *winks*, bondage mittens and an optional gasmask.

There is also a good looking tail with a great looking zipper on it, the zipper runs up the back of the catsuit as well.

Finally there is a leather collar with dog tag, a pair of big breast and a very realistic looking gaping pussy, too realistic for our pg rating.

As you might expect from HybridZ the outfit is fully RLV loaded offering the usual locking goodies.

So get locked in your own Rubber Furry prison and let’s flood SL with pink and black rubber furries...

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis


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