Thursday, June 30, 2011

Violet Studios - Latex Skin Magenta

Juggernutz Ivanovic, one of our friends and regular tipsters, is now giving Hemi Violet a hand, and she called us to let us know Hemi had a new line of latex skins.

Well the “skin” turned into a full-blown project. See lelo’s bit for the details, but just for fun, here’s what she’s wearing :
  • Latex Skin Magenta by Violet
  • vString XL breasts by Violet
  • Latex Neck Collar by Violet
  • matching Obedience Latex hair from Studio Worxx Hairstudio by Vii Bellic
and lelo being lelo, Slaverina Ballets by VvB.

The face has a slightly demonic look - it’s probably related to Hemi’s demon skin line.

The list of colors has to be seen to be believed. See our third pic for an idea ;)

Hmm somehow we seem to have stumbled over another theme, another big breasted post tonight.

We started looking at the skin so that’s our main item of today's post, but things quickly were added, it’s a dangerous store that way. *winks*

The skin comes in the old fashioned skin layer where you can use the tattoo layer to change your lipstick, or in the new tattoo layer showing good old you under the mask.

You also get no less than five 1000 watt body lights in the kit, so people will see you coming from miles away.

Finally there are the skin appliers for all available implants, including Violet’s vString breasts.

The vString XL breasts are pretty amazing implants and you can see that Juggernutz, implant fan from day one, was highly involved in the creation of these.

Of the many fun options i would like to mention the nipples and piercings, these are the first breast with adjustable nipples and 5 piercings to choose from that i’ve seen.

The latex hair is another great find and Vii from Studio Worxx offers quite a few different styles at Hemi’s store, a must have for every rubber doll.

Finally there is the neck brace, nice bit of sculpting which goes great with the overall look of the skin.

The settings of the brace are done by the unlimited HUD, a simple control HUD for all Violet Studio items with the texture change capability, smart option for our overfilled inventories.

So get on over to Violet and dress up your favorite doll, Mistress did *winks*

Name : Violet Studios
Owner : Hemi Violet


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