Friday, July 1, 2011

The Prim and Plume Pony Club

Sounding more like an English pub, this is in fact a pony club just off the Route 9 Linden road that passes FFF, and is easily reachable from the Farm.

The P&P is set within it’s own parcel and is set within a barn structure.

In the grounds is a small camp fire with log seats surrounding it, perfect for those that have had a long hard ride and just want to relax for a moment before continuing their ride.

Behind which is a nice wooden pergola, perfect for keeping the pony in shade while you rest around the fire.

The club itself is located inside the main stable building, which is lightly furnished, leaving an open area for dancing. Dance balls are against the far wall on entering the building.

The club is totally casual, so no ponies will get punished for breaking any roles, rules or protocols at the club, unless, your owner/trainer is with you :P

Wearing of bits is in fact discouraged, the aim instead of the club to promote a casual socialising place, and somewhere to let your hair down for some fun.

On my visit this occasion, 80’s music was playing, which, as it happens, is a popular choice with me.


And once you have chilled out enough, its just a short trot along the road back to serious training at FFF - and - I seem to recall there being one or two other pony places along the road - is you know of any, please let me know.

Would be a great idea to have a Route 9 pony tour, visiting each pony place along the way.

And a quick update to let you all know that Xaara, mentioned here a few weeks ago, has once again got the stable up and ready.

A landmark to get you to the stable is here :

The nearby chateau also has stable inside the courtyard, so be sure to explore it all on your visit!

You can also see the Xaara blog here :

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