Friday, June 3, 2011

Xaara - Where Dreams Come True

When looking for a new pony place, it is often hard to make sure you are not going to end up in the middle of an amaretto nightmare.

This search turned up something promising. The sim’s descriptions lists it as a “vibrant D/s RP social group” and promises ponygirls are soon to come.

So I teleported over there as fast as a laggy SL would allow, and was instantly (well, once the surrounding area has rezzed) impressed.

Intelligently set out on landing in Sim, with shops and a pleasant set of walkways around.

Further exploration soon found me at the small stables area, with lots of Unbridled pony gear close by for training purposes.

A very attractive - though small - pony area, but this opens out onto a larger more broad based sim featuring a collection of art to explore and browse.

The sim is open and attractively decorated, with an emphasis on being a social group, which to me sounds like a great place for a pony craving attention.

Check it out for yourself and visit soon.

(Written by Jaydana Thorne)


Deirdre here : In a strange and typically Second Life turn of events, the little pony area at Xaara is no more.

Ayla Guisse remodeled the day after the post. The pony area has moved to the Chateau : stables inside, and training area outside.

Not her fault, we didn't consult her before writing.

She called me and we had a nice chat - she mentioned that Magic Lanikai, a pony sim, will move next to Xaara in the coming weeks.

The folks at Xaara are apparently looking forward to the move, and are taking a keen interest in pony play; we should see some interesting activity in those sims soon.

As ever, we'll keep you posted!

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