Monday, June 6, 2011

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Rubber Ninja Black

A new Kayliwulf outfit, this is the Rubber Ninja (well, I say new and the black appears to have been out a while.. the red, pink and white just came out recently.)

As you see despite lelo’s deadly ninja poses, there’s a number of ways to wear this outfit.

Ninja, like most recent Kayliwulf outfits, includes a universal implant applicator. Get the pink version and do a bimbo ninja roleplay ;)

By the way, astute readers will notice in our labels (the long column at the right) that this is post 100 about Kayliwulf. Most were about actual outfits, although some are a mention in passing (during LFFW, for instance).

This blog would simply not exist without the support we received from Kayliwulf right from the start.

Thank you Laz and Daph, and may Kayliwulf live long, and prosper ;)

Woohoo, finally a new Kayliwulf outfit and it’s a deadly one this time.

You get 17 items with this outfit, starting with the lovely 4a heels, this time as thigh high boots.

With them you’ll get a matching pair of laced open palmed gloves and an Universal Implant applier for you big busted ninjas.

But the real fun starts with the Shuriken armbands, just go into mouselook and have some fun shooting them at innocent bystanders, no fear of putting out eyes.

Then there is the tattoo layer hood with the single or double pony tail sticking out, real ninja look. *winks*

To finish off the entire outfit you get a bikini top, a micro thong and a pair of pants, don’t forget to take off the bootlaces when wearing the pants, looks a bit silly.

All in all a fun little outfit from our dear Laz, the Shuriken armbands will annoy anyone around you and i just love a pair of good looking rubber ponytails... so buy and have some fun shooting Shurikens at people around you before they do it to you... *winks*

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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