Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hugo's Design - Cat 3

Is there such a thing as too many catsuits? Not when your closet stretches to infinity ;)

This is version 3 of the Cat catsuit by Hugo’s Design. Like Cat 2, it’s a 50% transparent tint, but it’s a little more conservatively cut. A very little.

Fun new colors like blue and green are available - we ran the hard pink and red here.

The simple design of Cat 3 lends itself well to harnesses like Pris 2 or Suba 2.

As usual, little self-censorship hearts not included.

Well lets start with the big improvement between cat 2 and cat 3, more latex!!!

With this one only your naughty bits show.. all of them.. so better keep an eye on the sim rating when wearing this one.

You get a bag full of goodies as usual, offering you most cloth layer and of course the quick change tattoo layer.

There are a pair of pasties included but they don’t do much for the other bits sticking out.

There are two versions of the catsuit, one with seam and one with out, spread across all the layers.

By adding more layers you can get a solid colored catsuit, but the sticky out won’t be covered no matter how many layers you wear.

So if you aren’t shy and you want to show yourself to the world.... *smiles*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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