Monday, March 21, 2011

Hugo's Design - Monica 2 and Pris 2

If you liked Monica in transparent latex, I have good news for you ;) Introducing Monica 2, in Hugo’s Design’s solid standard colors.

Like the original Monica, it comes in a stunning number of variations. I separated the versions in no less than four tops (including pasties) and four bottoms - plus five v2 tattoo layers.

All the v1 parts are mix and match : wear one part under the other by picking the layers.

The kit I’m wearing here, then, is six parts, including gloves and stockings.

The Hugo pink is nearly a perfect match for Bax’s own - if they didn’t consult, it’s one of those fun amazing coincidences.

Two quick updates from Hugo tonight, Mistress is wearing Monica in pink, which must be a first for her i think and i’m wearing the new and improved Pris in red.

It won’t come as a surprise that you get a full bag of options from Erik, amazing when you think how little there is with Pris.

All layers are available and i’m grown used to the tattoo layer so that’s what i’m wearing, though it can imagine that you would want to wear this one over a nice catsuit.

There is a closed and open version but to be honest i’m having a hard time figuring out which is which.

As extra’s you get hard needed pasties in black and red, fingerless gloves and the always lovely Hugo’s stockings.

For the keen reader, please notice the new Girl 9 sandals by VvB, nicely matching in color to Hugo’s.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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