Monday, July 25, 2011

HybridZ - Freedom Continent Uniform

Deirdre :

Four years ago, I met lelo at Desperation Isle, and we began an astonishing journey of discovery and friendship, which soon grew into deep love.

In a world where two months is not unusual for a D/s relationship, I feel blessed to have met such an extraordinary person.

We stuck together through happy and difficult times, in first and second world... and I believe we’ll be seeing many more anniversaries in Second Life together.

lelo :

Four years already, how time flies, don't know how i ever got so lucky but in Deirdre i found my, by lack of better words, soulmate.

And as i've been well coming her back to heaven each night for the past 4 years, it's truely a match made in heaven.

Still don't know why she picked me on Desperation Island, but i'm still glad she did.

I love you from the bottom of my heart and i always will.

When we visited the Damsel mall last week, lelo immediately spotted the cool freebie Hybridz put up there, called simply the Freedom Continent Uniform.

Serjourn definitely seems to be a genius at getting win-win cooperation from people: good exposure for Hybridz, and a free fetish outfit for Freedom visitors.. it’s hard to do better.

The outfit is a classic Hybridz, with inflatable hood and sex-toy mouth hole. Some fun Freedom logos on the shoulders and a big Hybridz stamp on your behind will let everyone know where you stand ;)

Next time you drop by Bondage Ranch for some S&M (you know, Stand & Model), stop at the mall and have your slave pick up this classic little black dress.

The fixed landing zone at Damsel puts you at the top of the stairs of the mall, but if you use this slurl, you’ll see where the vendor is located with the map marker :

What’s better than a pair of ballet boots? do i hear you say two pairs? well yes, but these are even better, these are FREE!

Ok lelo calming down now... *winks*

From the people how brought you quite a number of rubber isolation suits, Hybridz, this is all you need to start your life in rubber bondage.

Opening the box reveals 3 prim items, did i mention two of those are ballets, and two catsuits, one for boys one for girls.

You get a good looking prim hood with a gaping suck mouth and a nice looking zipper on the back.

A zipper that continues down the back of the catsuit.

The hood and the boots offer you simple RLV lock and gag options.

Ohh and did i mention that you get these lovely, and may i stress, free ballet boots with the outfit.

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis


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