Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neurolab - Stasis CryoGenic Hibernator Chamber

I had a cryogenic hibernation chamber in the mail this morning ;)

I was going to say that Neurolab is diversifying, except, not really. A peek at his Marketplace store (18 pages!) shows that Ono is a busy guy : spaceships, boots, clothes, toys.. even a space station.

The Stasis CryoGenic Hibernator Chamber, then, is a suitably sci-fi-y roleplay aid for you space villains, mad scientists and evil overlords of all descriptions.

This decorative little toy is 38 prims, which is a factor if like us, you’re close to your land’s prim limit.

It will deal automatically with animations you add in, so if you have some good frozen-stiff poses, now’s your chance to use them.

I like that in this toy, the RLV features are there to assist the roleplay aspect, and not the main point. Imagination still rules.

In conclusion, if you have a lovable rogue to ship to a Hutt, this toy is for you. ;)

Seems Ono found another object he could beautify with blue LED lights.

This is a stasis chamber but mind you it’s a cryogenic hibernation version.

Don’t you just love tech-talk like that, total mumbo jumbo but i do love it.

The owner can adjust the lighting colors on the chamber, to make it fit your play area, there is a choice of Violet, White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Dark Red,Green, Light Blue, Orange, Deep blue, Lavender and Fuschia. So something for every occasion.

You also get an RLV capture and timer function.

But this chamber is mostly about good old roleplay and we need more toys like that in SL.

Great looking, well scripted, imagination started that shouldn’t miss in any stasis cryogenic hibernation institute. *winks*

Name : Neurolab
Owner : Ono Zinner


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