Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Immerschoen - July 2011 Releases

While we’re in the habit of naming the outfits in our post titles, there were quite a few in Immerschoen’s latest care package, with poetic names like Latex Dress BD #7 PVC (modeled here by yours truly) and so on.. well, we summed up ;)

The cool #7 outfit features transparent PVC panels in strategic (and naughty) places. The reflections on the folds look spot on to me.

Zipped latex tights in underwear and pants layer, and lovely teddy-style top in shirt and jacket layer. Why just the two layers? Ah, I’m glad you asked.

Also included in the kit is a whole-back tattoo called Butterfly Big, which you can wear under the outfit.. tats aren’t so much my thing so I skipped it here; just see the third pic.

Some lovely outfits, in the characteristic Immerschoen style. Visit the store and have fun!

Gismo and Nici have been at it again and produced a shopping cart full of new items, all complementary to each other so we combined them into one post.

I’m wearing a combination of 3 items, making up the look you see in the picture.

First there is the Latex Shirt ‘Net” #Gothic - don’t you just love easy to remember names like that - which comes in shirt and jacket layer.

Next there is the Latex Mini Skirt, which uses a prim insert to hide the awful way SL draws a miniskirt. To help you with placing the prim part just right, they added a nice little pose stand.

Finally there are the Latex ‘Laced’ Stockings to finish the ensemble.

The texture are of a good quality, with a nice patent shine to them, there are no unnecessary details, keeping the clothes simple and style-full.

All items have a matching shine, but by making them all separate you only buy what you want/need, no unused items filling up and slowing down your inventory.

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell


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