Monday, July 4, 2011

Latex Station - Deirdre

So I received a note from Chill3 Mills, saying “Never mention things like that inside your blog or i do it :)

Introducing the new and very sexy Deirdre outfit from Latex Station. Thanks, Chill ;)

It comes in black, red, leopard print and a fun black and white pattern called cow.

The tiny thong gets a heart, but there should be no confusion in your head that this is not an outfit to wear for building classes at NCI.

If you want to wear the chaps over other things, the latex shine makes jeans look really dull, so maybe an underwear layer catsuit will be fun.

Oh, and don’t forget to drop by the Meincassel Latex Station main store this week for a different 25L$ outfit every day!

How can you go wrong with an outfit called Deirdre, that just has to be heavenly.

You get 6 cloth layer items in the pack, offering you a mini thong, didn’t know you could make them half a pixel wide.

Two chaps, one for boots and a second for shoes, isn’t it nice when a designer gives us easy choices.

The corset with the color accent, comes in blouse and jacket layer so you can easily mix or match with your other clothes.

Finally there are a pair of long gloves with some nice lacing's on them, giving them something extra.

It’s a sexy little number which from behind shows quite a bit of behind.. not a bad thing in my book. *winks*

I just had to get my WarDoom Miyu and dark Miyu (the shorter and strangely lighter colored version) boots in tiger skin out of the closet, it’s not everyday you get a chance to wear them.

So run to Latex Station and get the best named outfit in SL... i love her... ehh it.. *blushes*

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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