Monday, July 18, 2011

Karu Karu - Synergy

You know what they say, if you like someone, they have a style, and if you don’t like them, they’re repetitive? ;)

Synergy has some similarities with Ilona, but since we love it, we’ll say that Chane, like other designers, has a style very much her own - which you will recognize once you’ve seen a few of her designs.

This, then, is Synergy, by Karu Karu. We got the fat pack because I wanted to show a good sampling of the available colors.

The bright colors are really bright, and the darker ones, like ruby, are really dark.

(To be clear, Lelo's wearing red and not ruby in the second pic.)

I like the straps on the elbow gloves, matching the hip cutouts. The neck strap is fun if you like chokers (as I do) and don’t want to wear a prim one.

The lacing is a nice cleavage enhancer, making even my modest curves really stand out.

This is a very nice outfit, and the excellent price (even better on the fatpack) should encourage you to drop by Karu Karu soon soon ;)

A return to Karu Karu, means a return to simple quality outfits for good prices.

Like with the Ilona you get 5 items in the box, the base transparent catsuit, the latex top and the gloves.

The big difference are the lovely D-rings and string keeping the deep, deep cleavage in check.

You have a choice of black, blue, pale blue, pink, purple, red, ruby, white and yellow catsuit, something for every occasion i would say.

The pants are flared, but by shortening them 10% they will work great with boots.

Great sexy party outfit, which shouldn’t miss in any strippers wardrobe, platforms not included. *winks*

Name : Karu Karu
Owner : Chane Karu


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