Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Z and A Productions - Bunny Hood

We met Zardia Avindar during the Femdom Hunt last April, and as her store was the starting point, we saw some of her own designs.

The bunny hood caught my eye - I immediately recognized it because I love the RL version - but it wasn’t for sale at the time... the leather needed more neatsfoot oil or something.

Well, it is now available, and it looks darn good. The leather texture is large-grained enough to not only be visible up close; many designers go for smaller grain which fades to invisibility with distance.

Of course the hood is a solid, so it won’t be the face-hugging experience of its RL equivalent. (Maybe mesh will launch a revolution in masks and hoods!) But the shape is good for a unisex product. Note that there is also a black version available.

When you visit Z&A, pay no attention to the screams of mercy coming from the box.. it’s nobody important ;)

You can see news and good info on their blog : http://zandaproductions.blogspot.com/

This was the first prim hood that fit me out of the box, as Zardia says they are made for guys so have a pretty large fit.

The leather texture looks great, having a nicely worn, not quite white anymore, look.

The pink ears, stitching and nose together with the lovely pink bow tie will make this a hot item in the sissy circles.

The elegant scripting is fully RLV and quite easy to use, next to the usual RLV restrictions it offers a few lovely features.

When you use the blindfold, a lovely pink one appears and the thing i really love is when you set the mask to deaf, the ears are rolled up and a pair of cute pink ribbons secure them in place.

You can also set a title and you can change your vict.. ehh partners name for the elaborate gagging mode.

The pink bow tie is a optional prim part together with a fluffy bunny tail that secures... well you know.. back there...*blushes*

Name : Z&A Productions
Owner : Zardia Avindar and Antony Fairport
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shackles/102/88/22


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