Monday, July 11, 2011

POC - Basic Catsuit EVO

Kai gave us a call, and suggested we run something not-quite-new. I was intrigued, and he explained - here’s the quote straight off his vendors :
“The basic catsuit was the first item *poc* put up for sale and the first thing I made. Over time I have learned a lot - and a lot of people have bought it. There are some flaws in it, that needed correcting and the result is the Latexsuit Evolution. It also comes with a different pricing model: Pay as you like. There is no fixed price to it.”

Included are all layers, even two different tattoo-versions, short gloves and socks. And also, there are a lot more colours than before, some of them new.”
Kai’s been in SL for four years.. so if he says he learned a lot and fixed bugs in the old catsuit, I’ll take his word - although lelo pretty much lives in her POC catsuit, and I never noticed anything that needed fixing.

See our third pic for the colors (and lelo’s list!), and drop by poc for a catsuit frenzy.

I know I don’t need to remind you about feeding starving artists, so give what you can, be it a little because you’re broke... or a lot because you’re grateful ;)

The master of deep shine latex has gone back to re-do his number one selling item, which was also one of the first items he made in SL.

Can’t imagine anyone complaining about it, but if he sees room for improvement who are we to disagree.

The shine is still as good as it always was, but now you get all the layers and two tattoo layers, one with and one with our feet and gloves.

As this is a catsuit and not a skin a hood isn't included.

Kai expanded the color range of the new catsuit to include: are you ready for this?

black, blood, blue, brown, chocolate, creme, cyan, darkgreen, gold, grey, green, gunmetal, lightblue, midnight, orange, pink, purple, red, rose, seagreen, skyblue, violet, white, wine and yellow.

It will be a challenge for the shoe and boot designers to make matching items for all these new colors.

Seems the word is already out as it was pretty busy in the store when we went to pick up our catsuits, so better run before SL runs out of pixels.. *winks*

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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