Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purrfect 10 - Isabelle Boots

The Isabelle leather boots by Purrfect Ten are unique and clever in a number of ways.

When I opened my 10-pack (while I haven’t needed Aquamarine or Chartreuse boots too frequently, well it’s nice to have the option), I had a moment of worry as I saw every color except black.

It turns out black is the secondary texture for all the colored boots.

By selecting Textures, Main Boot, Secondary, I turned the lovely Crimson boots into lovely black boots.

The lace panel, heel and sole can get the same treatment, each separately.

“Colors” as opposed to textures, are applied to the laces and eyelets.

The boots took a bit of fitting, and I’ll give you my super duper secret trick for adjusting boots : wear only one, and adjust it, using your bare leg to guide you.

Then make the other boot match. This is based on entirely too much time spent fitting boots in SL... I’ll ask Think Kink to make a universal boot adjustment system, I think.

The Isabelle boots have a gorgeous leather texture, nicely visible in black or on the myriad of colors. The heel has an elegant shape, as does the foot.

One last challenge remains : finding them in her big store ;)

It’s been a while but this was one of those, “wow look at those boots! who made them?”

A quick inspect and an even quicker tp later we were standing in front of the longest walkway we have seen yet.

Ok when you want to buy something at Purrfect ten better bring some comfortable shoes, it’s quite a walk from the LZ to the store itself.

At least Ten was so kind to put a nice little resting area at the end of the long walkway to the store, talk about considerate.

It is a fashion store so better tune down the fetish wear, so you don’t scare the natives.

The boots are available in: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Chartreuse, Cream, Crimson (worn here), Fuschia, Magenta, SkyBlue, Violet, White and of course all can be made black.

If you want to keep informed about Ten’s latest releases check out the Purrfect 10 blog.

Name : Purrfect 10
Owner : Ten Dexler
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Purrfect%2010/128/170/52


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