Monday, August 29, 2011

Anima Temptation - Raffinata and Courtesan

Malls.. I don’t know what we’d do without malls.

They may seem like a necessary evil at best, especially if one near your favorite club seems to be a good source of lag (like, 500% your recommended daily allowance), but for finding cool new stuff at a glance, they can’t be beat.

We were visiting Freedom when lelo saw the Anima store.. well we hadn’t featured them in ages, so we went in, and lo! Cool new stuff ;)

The Raffinata shoe (or bootie, as you like) by Anima Temptation has a wicked stiletto heel and a tiny, fifties-fetish toebox. The ankle strap is another classic touch. Available colors are black, pink and red.

The shape of the shoe is really great. And one aspect I appreciate (as it’s getting rare!) is that both an alpha version for new viewers and a version with old school invisiprims are included.

So support your local mall - remember, it probably supports your local club ;)

Zardia Avindar is accepting applications for her next femdom hunt, and she asked me to let you know.

So, dear reader, tell your favorite fetish store owner that if they want awesome free advertising, they should get in touch with her.

Mind you, they should also get in touch with *us*... ;)

We’ll start the week with a nice little double feature by Anima Temptation.

Mistress is wearing the Raffinata ankle boots, with heels that make them absolute fetish boots, that and not to mention the locking option on them.

I drew the short straw and ended up with the ballet shoes. *winks*

Which i absolutely love, Adira took the shape of pointe slippers and added the heels, that’s how they always should look.

Just look at the way the sole is bent under the toebox, just like the real thing.

The eyelet and red laces give the shoes some extra life and a good focus point.

The scripting is simple and easy to work with, offering you control over the walking sound, a good working resize option, three AO options and an extra corset function and finally you get access to a MoLock system.

Nothing fancy, but everything you need in an easy to understand menu system.

The help button which you will find on each menu page will take you to the MoDesign webpage, so no outdated notecards, now that’s great customer service.

Name : Anima Temptation
Owner : Adira Aeon

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store7 7

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