Friday, August 26, 2011

VvB Stiletto Heels Equestrian - Xaara at Zexpo

Introducing the pony friendly riding boots by VvB, just look at the spurs, no nasty spikes there.

The 9 inch platform heels don’t make them very practical on the farm but the do look very good.

With the included HUD you get control of the metal colors and you can show/hide the belt and spurs.

As you might expect from a V4 boot, the reflections and prim work are impressive and the red sole is to die for.


When we tell you Xaara is busy, we’re not kidding.

This time, they’re at Zexpo, the Zindra festival. (It’s a cool adult event, four-sim wide. Definitely worth visiting.)

They’re not just setting up a shop with a few pictures and pony-booth-babes, though : an area is reserved for pony activities, with slalom racing posts and lots of green grass.

There’s also a cart rezzer, so you can take a ride in the streets of the expo in style.

Drop by and meet the nice Xaara staff, or go show off your pretty pony to the vanilla folks ;)

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  1. wonderful! (hey it's about boots isnt it? I wouldnt put anything else on my feet)