Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ashpodele - Maids Kit and Bartender

A fun set of freebie toys from Ashpodele, the Maid’s Kit will keep your maid gainfully occupied - idle hands are the devil’s worshop, don’t you know.

And if you host a party, you can use the additional help serving drinks with the Bartender (well, barmaid, strictly speaking).

The Bartender is not free but it is pretty cheap at 50L$

This is lelo’s project, I’ll let her do the work - Lelo, a Perrier, please!

Ok so you got your maid dressed, now it’s time to put her to work.

The Maid's kit contains a sponge, rag, feather duster and broom for your maid, spiderwebs, dust, dirt and water for your home and a little control vase for the owner.

The system is quite simple, you put the spiderwebs, dust and dirt around your home, they are copy so you can fill up your home till you run out of prim space.

With the little vase you can control the speed with which the dust and dirt gathers.

Now let loose your maid and let her keep your home clean and tidy, she will need to change her tools to fit the job.

The system works best in RLV when you restrict the touch distance so the maid really has to get up close and personal with the gathering dust.

To make it look even better turn off the maid's selection beam for that extra sense of reality.

This should keep your maid busy and active and above all out of trouble while you are busy, a great alternative to a cage.

The Bartender is another way to keep your maid busy, especially when you are entertaining guests.

Just let your maid serve drinks to your guests, the bartender offers a whole host of different drinks to keep your guests happy.

And now for the best news, the maid's kit is totally free. *smiles*

Name : Ashpodele
Owner : mrazkova Jansma, Mia Rang and Pencilsky Germi



  1. If you really want some high quality maid uniforms, try out Edelweiss in SL (A quick search will get you there). She does a lot of maid and school uniforms, all of very high quality! It's less kinky and more utilitarian tho.

  2. Thank you for your excellent tip - see next post ;)