Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edelweiss - Marchen

Edelweiss seems to be the must-have for the maid set : the store is fairly devoted to maid and related outfits.

Just add cat ears and you can work in any café in Japan, judging by animés ;)

I like the wide variety of colors available for this outfit. Victorian England was big on dark colors, but there’s room for a little pastel in Second Life.

The price is really low for such good work, either singly or in the fatpack.

When you visit the store, make sure to detour by the ground and see the extraordinary Mont Saint-Michel abbey. I’m not a big tourist but I was blown away by the sheer size of the thing, as well as the level of detail.

Third maids uniform this week, a more romantic option by Edelweiss.

Again a great combination of cloth and prim items, including shoes for a change.

This is also the first one this week with a prim skirt and “real” petticoats, the apron is part of the skirt so no need to adjust it to the skirt.

Seems Moeka makes her uniforms for the more utilitarian maids of SL, the outfit even comes with underpants, talk about utilitarian. *winks*

The shoes are made for housework and can’t be called very sexy, but fit the outfit great.

It comes in 10 colors or you can get the fatpack which contains the extra white version and saves you 400 ls.

This one has a little girls feel to it so you better watch your AV height or you might be banned from some sims.

Name : Edelweiss
Owner : Moeka Kohime


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