Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Graves - Paradox

Sexy spy time again, this is Paradox, from Jackie Graves.

I should say, one of the Paradox outfits, as Paradox is a set of three mix-and-match outfits, that you can buy separate or in a megapack for a good discount.

The design is excellent, as usual, and includes cool prim buttons (called Plugs) which are probably meant to attach things best left to your imagination - I’ll go with super serum, myself ;)

O1, the opaque version, is the one shown here. The others have transparent panels and progressively less coverage - for different phases of the spying mission, clearly.

It comes in undershirt, shirt and jacket layer, and both the long and short pants are available in underwear and pants version.

Keep in mind that if you wear the plugs, you’ll tie up a fair bit of your attachment points. Then again, if you intend to wear something over the outfit, simply wear it next and lose a few plugs.

The collar also has a collar plus plugs version.. cleverly saving you some attachments.

Add some good heels and get spying ;)

It’s been a while since we last ran Graves so it was high time to have a look around.

As usually you get a certain secret spy lair feeling, i’m half expecting Q to turn up with his newest gadgets.

“note to self: ask Jackie to open a spy gadget department”

As usual the texturing is superb and even though she does have a common theme these aren’t simple copies.

So whether you name is Bond or Peel, your costume is available at Graves.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves


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