Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VirToys - Bizarre Maid

This is one of lelo’s finds.. when my sweetie goes on a shopping expedition, one never knows what she’s going to find, but it’s not usually boring ;)

As I may have said before, anyone doing a daily report is under a bit of pressure to deliver, and slow news weeks are rough.

Sometimes we have so many good things to show you, we have to schedule them for weeks in advance.

Other times, we look at each other on Sunday and go, oops, the drawers are empty... hence the shopping expeditions.

The Bizarre Maid is a blast from the past for us.. I think lelo had that in 2008. Finding it available for sale again was so neat, we couldn’t resist.

Ok, for me this is a blast from the past, but i gladly dusted it off when we found a revamped version in a vendor at Virtoys.

The outfit was originally released by ShinyJohn from Darakined Resolve, but i guess he lost interest in the whole selling game.

Seems Rei picked it up, made it RLV compatible, and put it for sale at the best place for AV’s like this, Virtoys.

I really love it that she gives ShinyJohn credits for the outfit, very nice gesture.

Ok, the outfit: 14 pieces in all, including a shape. You could use your own shape, but you’ll need some time fitting all the prim parts just right.

There are ruffles, a lovely tutu style, maid’s dress and some naughty parts, like the nipples and a few bits hidden by the skirt.

The shoes work with the outfit but really show its age, so i would suggest you wear something a little more up to date.

But the best part of the outfit is the mask, one of my first in SL i think, it’s one of those mask that has a bizarre attraction, at least to me. A face that only a mistress can love. *winks*

The mask has a simple click to lock script and gives you the opportunity to gag the wearer, making it possible only to speak using the maids-channel, which replaces the speaker's name with “The maid” in chat.

Just imagine having your own group of subs fitted out like this, all going: “the maid...”

Name : VirToys
Owner : Downy Swain
Item by: ShinyJohn Bellman & Rei Gynoid


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