Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Purrfect 10 - Persephone Boots Patent

Is it a boot with bits missing, or a sandal with extras? Well Ten says it’s a boot, so that’s good enough for me.

Persephone is a very good-looking open-toe, open-back boot with lots of straps and buckles.

It comes in two interesting sizes, based on your leg muscle size (you’ll see that in Appearance). Mine is 56, so the size 60 version fits me pretty much like a glove.

The boot texture is excellent, with good plausible shine and bright colors. The texture change script is really fun.

I’m wearing the Magenta Persephone here (with the nice old Deamon outfit by Hugo’s) so the secondary color is black : I can change the boot itself to black while keeping the straps pink, and all the permutations.

Trim, sole, heels can all be changed.. down to the toenails. Persephone boots are available in black, chocolate, cream, crimson, lilac, magenta, rosedust, salmonrose, slate and white.

The skin color picker very cleverly uses SL’s own color picker on a sphere that gets rezzed in front of you. Match to your own, apply. Presto.

A very good value for the price, even though this is not an inexpensive boot. Support good boot designers so they don’t starve and go make furniture ;)

Third pair of boots this week, feels like we have a theme going there.

Now Purrfect 10 is more of a fashion store, but every boot with heels like that and this many buckles can only be a fetish boot.

Better take a good look at pictures of the boots, for the colors and don’t buy them by the color name, you might get a slight surprise.

Take a good look around, if you, like us, like what you see you might want to join her VIP group for a cool 25% discount, just cost you a single fee of 510 lindens.

Now get on over and get your Mistress a nice pair of these boots, kissing her boots will get a whole new dimension. *winks*

Name : Purrfect 10
Owner : Ten Dexler


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