Thursday, September 1, 2011

Places : Fallen Angels Club

The thing that struck me on any number of visits at Fallen Angels was this : there are always people there, and although quite large, the club never felt deserted.

Dancing, sitting and chatting, sociably hanging around in every nook and cranny... the heart of the club definitely seems to be social.

The atmosphere is genial, and the staff is really helpful. I bugged most of the management for info, and was met with unfailing good cheer.

There’s no fixed theme at Fallen, unlike Rubber Room, say. Indeed, tolerance is the watchword, and even some of the less popular - no I’m not giving you a list, ya perv! ;) - fetish and BDSM interests are welcome.

The member group is huge : 5073 tonight, the largest I’ve seen in my years in SL.

A residential sim, Crystal Cove II, was added and seems to be doing well.

Fallen is a busy place, with events every night : discussion groups, prize events and so on... a peek at the event calendar should convey that ;)

The popular event seems to be Naked Night, on the beach every Saturday; the club proper is a sky platform at 2500m, where the horizon curves and reminds you of space shuttles.

I poked a bit of fun at NaamahsKiss, who was kind enough to answer my nosy questions, about “naked fetish”, but she remained unflappable ;)

So if you’re looking for an actual friendly BDSM club to make your hangout, do consider Fallen Angels.


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  1. I love Fallen Angel, for the genuine people. They do use voice a bunch, if you struggle for bandwidth that can be a challenge. But for women/girls who are a bit nervous - the menfolks don't bite. They are generally well behaved.

    I don't take crap from anyone & I haven't been banned from here (yet). So they must be decent folks.