Friday, August 5, 2011

Xaara Pony Event and News and Sim-I-Lar Riding Boot

The turnout for the procession at Xaara last Sunday was excellent - better than expected, in fact, since not everyone RSVP’d. It seems it’s simply not a SL tradition.

One person reported 30 people on the sim when she arrived. Xaara staff was understandably elated.

The procession started in the castle courtyard, and guests filed out in their carts in good order.

The trail was quite spectacular, and we rode for some time with our dear friend Mel Melville and her pony Irzune.

SL general instability that day caused a few crashes, but everyone took it in stride, and a lovely time was had by all.

In fact, Jorden Grau communicated with us a couple of days later, and shared some excellent news for the pony community : in a few weeks, Xaara will focus more directly on pony play, and the chateau will be renamed “Chateau Xaara Country & Pony Club".

New events are already planned by the friendly and competent Xaara team.

Stay tuned to the Pony Correspondent for more news as it develops!

Some time ago, we were tipped about an excellent riding boot at Sim-I-Lar, a shoe store we hadn’t covered yet.

A quick visit showed that the boot did in fact look very good.

But as sometimes happens, the owner refused our request for an evaluation copy.

That usually means an item doesn’t get reviewed, but riding boots are rare enough that I decided to make an exception, although lelo did grumble ;)

So all we can tell you about the Sidewinder boot is that it looks good, and sells for 750L$



  1. Buyers might want to experiment with different alpha layers since the one supplied goes not high enough up the shin...

  2. Hello Warspite!

    I would call Larisa Tylman of Sim I Lar and inform her of the problem - remember, we didn't get a review copy so we didn’t know.

  3. A most valid point... so why not delete this post and I can be the only one with awesome riding boots? :D