Monday, August 8, 2011

Hugo's Design - Lucretia

This is Hugo’s first Designer for a Day contest winner, called Lucretia after the designer.

Here’s Bianka’s excellent description.. I have nothing to add ;)
"Designed by Lucretia Robbiani and manifested by Mr H himself, this mini-dress-cum-long girdle features gorgeous sheer lace side panels, seamed, coloured cups, capped sleeves and low-cut in the back with four buckled straps tying it all together.

You get two main options - with or without garter straps to link up with the included lace-trimmed stockings."
This outfit definitely has a boudoir feel to me - probably because of the lace panels.

Maybe we’ll see lace gloves from Hugo sometime, to match his new direction.

After a short holiday break Hugo is back with a nice short, short dress.

Just like the good old model T Fords, you can get in every color, just needs to be black.

Well you can pick the color of the brassiere, that one comes in all the lovely Hugo colors.

In the lovely little Hugo shopping bag you find the top in all layers, and two bottoms: one with and one without garters, once again in both layers.

You also get both options in the easy on tattoo layer, you just need to add the lace topped stockings and a pair of optional shoes and you are ready for the world.

As usual you get the prim insert that all cloth-layer skirts should have.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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