Wednesday, August 10, 2011

XTC Leather - KillSwitch

I called Xaviar to show him our DeVicious post.. a leather designer has to love bike babes, right? We had a nice chat, and he sent me the KillSwitch oufit for review.

I was about to thank him, when he sent me four more KillSwitch tops :)

The colors are so nice that I had lelo cloned to show all of them off at once. Now I need a four-pony cart! ;)

The long pants have a more subdued shine than other XTC pants we’ve seen, but they do look good.

One thing I certainly won’t miss when I switch to to a v2 viewer is the way invisiprims chew up pant bottoms.

What’s that? Wear more hotpants in the meantime?

Well.. ok :)

KillSwitch is the beginning of a new clothing system by Xaviar at XTC Leather.

In the base set you get leather pants, shorts and a bikini bottom and also the golden top.

All the other tops can be bought and added to the outfit so you can make the outfit you like.

Now this is what i would call recycling the SL way, not that there is a real need for recycling pixels but it’s the thought that counts. *winks*

As you might expect from XTC Leather the texture is very good and all three bottoms work great with the tops.

You decide how much leg you want to show.... *smiles*

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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