Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Night Wish Toys - Funky Groove Cage

When I saw this toy advertised on the Fetish Consolidated group, I thought, “Ah, we should give that a look sometime”.

Then our friend Pet forwarded me the same note, and I thought, wait.. a rec by Pet is usually worth checking out. Well, it sure was!

Some things are so obvious in retrospective that once you see them you think, hey, that’s so cool someone should have made this ages ago.

The Funky Groove Cage is a dance cage, suitable for any sixties go-go club.. and it’s also a RLV bondage toy. What’s not to love?

It’s a brand new design - Talia and Kaylee created it just two weeks ago. Expect lots of improvements as people throw great ideas at them.

Talia was kind enough to say that my own suggestion of adding a spin option was good - sometimes we just report the news, but sometimes we make it ;)

You can easily add your own dances in the cage by dropping them in and editing a simple notecard.

As you see on the second picture, a cool "shroud" mode partially obscures the dancer for that psychedelic sixties effect.

I think we'll be seeing those neat toys in clubs everywhere pretty soon.

We had a few complaints that we don’t feature enough toys so here is another big one for your enjoyment.

And when i say big i mean big, this is a mix of a dance stage and golden, ehh.. make that neon, cage.

This is a must have for all the BDSM clubs in SL, and a tipping option should be available pretty soon.

As it is now it has a few great RLV options and including a capture mode so you shouldn’t have any problems “hiring” dancers for your club.

The cage is loaded with a few sexy dances and the usual RLV controls, were the strip option even comes with a quick button. *winks*

The victi.. ehh dancer has no control over the cage whatsoever and can be timer looked.

So if you have a big 60’s living room or a club this would be a great addition.

Name : Night Wish Toys
Owner : Talia Davidov & Kaylee Dereham


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