Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carmen's Shoes - Noel

Another tip from Pet, our world famous fetish shopper, this is the Noel boot by Carmen’s Shoes.

I was pleased to note that a v1 and a v2 version were included in the box. They fit me right out of the box, too.. no fussing at all, size or position.

Noel is available in black, as worn by lelo, and red - worn by me! - and blue, and yellow. A phat pack of all four colors is 25% off, a fair discount.

Luc, a friendly sales associate (is that the current PC way to say that?) at the store, directed me to a fun freebie : a Hallowe’en fur boot called Nova. Two separate versions, v1 and v2 - pretty smart, no inventory clutter :)

Noel is a great-looking, very detailed boot with good textures, even in the black version, avoiding the too-common black on black problem. The prims are exceptionally detailed, and look terrific.

Do visit Carmen’s Shoes, and thank Pet for sending us all the cool tips ;)

Boots tonight and from a (for the blog) new designer, Mahalee Breen with her brand Carmen’s Shoes.

The prim work on these boots is amazing, and you might not be surprised that the total prim count of the boots is 340 prims, strangely 169 in the right and 171 in the left boot. Honourable mention on the blog who can find the odd ones out. *winks*

There is a certain theme going on with these boots that i just can’t really put my finger on, steel knuckles, police cuffs and dice... you connect the dots.

The boots come with a simple resize hud so no lag inducing scripts in the boots themselves, your local sim owner will be grateful.

The heels are lethal but luckily she added a bit of thicker sole on the end it to protect your floors
or trampee..

So better hurry getting these boots before they are all the rage about SL.

Name : Carmen’s Shoe’s
Owner : Mahalee Breen


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