Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catch It - Janet dress

Shiny... :) The purple shine of Catch It’s Janet dress caught my eye at the Rubber Room mall, and it was a great excuse to go visit Pad’s lovely new store.

(He’s too adorable, so I have to mention him. When you arrive at the store, there’s a cool little mascot called Catchi waiting at the door, and sprinkled all around the store.)

Janet, then, has the same gorgeous shine as the one we loved in the Ultima catsuit - and sure enough, the only purple boots in my inventory were my Pixelfashion.

I had an amusing moment talking with Dodo Biscuit, who I thought was sales help, and who turned out to be a bot ;) Maybe I shouldn’t have spoiled it for you and let you say hi.. ah well ;)

Janet is a simple dress which comes in a short and long sleeved version, the magic is in the great shine on them.

In the fun little bag you get your dress in all available layers including the tattoo layer, there is also the, in my mind, mandatory skirt prim.

The skirt prim is full mod, so you can adjust it for that perfect fit, which improves the look of the dress quite a bit.

The dress is available in black, blood, blue, pink, purple (worn here by Mistress), red (as worn by me) and white.

Great colors, great shine, simple cut, have fun accessorizing, finding matching shoes should be a fun day out, if only there was a quick and easy way to see what’s out there...*winks*

Name : Catch It
Owner : Pad Cioc


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