Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deviant Designs - Marquise Boots

Some gorgeous boots from Deviant Designs, these are the Marquise Boots, which just seem to have been made to match KCreations excellent leather catsuit.

The cool leather folds under the straps are what caught my eye first.. I thought this was a boot made entirely of straps!

They fit a lot nicer if you have a v2 and wear the included alpha sock.

I had to enlarge them a bit, and they look ok, just not really tight as I love - tight boots may just be the reason I switch soon.

Gorgeous texture, terrific prim work, and great foot and heel shape. The store is one of those rusty warehouse jobbies.. just bring a few bodyguards when you go shopping ;)

There’s a certain event this Thursday, 3PM at the Rubber Room, and lelo and I want to invite all our friends and readers to join us.

It’s not the most convenient time if you’re in Europe, but we’ll be there.. saying no more today, but stay tuned!

Mistress just loves a pair of boots with some belts on them, and when she saw these she was immediately sold.

And i must say i love them as well, though for me its more the deadly heel and the platform.

The boots come in: blue, purple, black, red, mocha (brown) and white, all with the great looking leather texture.

If you really love them and you want to get them all to match your various outfits there is a fat pack giving you all 6 for the price of 4, now that is value for money.

Though better wear something old when you get them, it’s not a place to wear your Sunday best. *winks*

Name : Deviant Designs
Owner : Rosie Lavochkin
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deviant%20Island/141/150/21


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