Monday, September 19, 2011

Jaimie Earst Fashion - Ulma and Penelope

We were at Latexia, minding our own business, when these great outfits jumped out at us ;)

Lelo spotted the new shoes and boots in Jaimie’s stall, and we decided to stop by the store.

As it happens, Jaimie just made a new one, a gorgeous open thing with lots of air and water, and a great California look. (The old store will remain open, to support a friend’s sim, a very, very cool thing to do.)

I’m wearing Ulma, one of a series of new outfits Jaimie created recently. If you say it reminds you of The Night Porter, I’ll say that was my reaction too.

The cap is a plain (but very shiny) sculptie, and it is fully resizeable. The whip *is* included, and it works well. The suspenders cover your nipples if you have long hair to assist them ;)

The shine is excellent on the pants and gloves, giving them a realistic latex texture. Top and bottom are offered in all layers so you can cover up when you go out.

The ankle boots are great, with quite an extreme heel. They come with a v2 alpha mask, but you know my POC invisiprim trick by now, so like me, you won’t let a little thing like that trip you up.

Jaimie is definitely worth visiting regularly.. we’ll be showing you more soon!

Jaimie has been busy again and made an entire collection of great new outfits, all complete with some very nice heels.

I’m wearing Penelope, which comes in underwear and shirt layer, covering all the naughty bits.. just.. *smiles*

You also get 4 prim parts, the lovely boots, which come with their own flared trouser legs so you don’t get that skin color on the inside like you get with the cloth layer and flared sleeves for the arms.

Jaimie took a lesson from Henry Ford and made her collection available in all colors just as long as it’s black.

And to be honest i think 90% of my wardrobe is black so a good choice i would say, leaving you with extra money to buy yourself more of her great designs.

So go and have a look at her amazing new store and her new creations, they do look good.

Name : Jaimie Earst Fashion
Owner : Jaimie Earst

The SLURL to (the new) Latex Fetish Fashion Beach:


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