Friday, September 23, 2011

Pony Starter Kit

Deirdre again : introducing our newest Pony Correspondent, Jo Ronin! Jo not only wrote us a great post for new ponies, she put together a free starter kit for ponies. See bottom of the post for a SLURL to pick it up.

If you want to play at being a pony, you will need to look the part. Ponies wear tack that is a humanised adaptation of the tack worn by a bio-pony.

To this end, all ponies wear a bit, bridle, body-harness, tail and hooves with a pony AO. It is also optional to wear an arm binder in place of hand hooves, as long as the pony's arms are suitably restrained. Also optional is a chastity belt, to thwart a stallion's advances.

Clearly, pony play is not for everyone, so it makes sense to get some free tack to wear while you explore some of the basics

Bit and Bridle

The bit foils the pony's attempts at speaking, for a pony does not speak. The bridle keeps the bit between the pony's teeth and controls the pony's head, thereby helping steer the pony to what the trainer or owner requires. It may or may not have other options including blinders, a blindfold, bite-mask, plume, ears, muffles, nose hooks and reins.

In my opinion, the best free Bit and Bridle is the Dari bridle, just be sure to reset the scripts when you get it. Generally it looks the part and it is functional. The open collar Shiny Bridle is also very good, but I find that the head straps always seem a little odd if you see it from a distance or with lower graphics settings.

Body Harness

The body-harness is designed so that a pony may be hitched to a cart securly and safely. It should be sturdy enough not to break, but flexible enough to allow movement of the pony without chafing or other harm.

The body harness is probably the hardest to find for free. FFF and PPP have both put out nice harnesses and there are a few others that are passable.

Alternatives including "bodies" with woven straps also work. The important thing is that it must be sturdy. A latex or lycra body will be destroyed in minutes if used as a harness, but if it has re-enforced straps woven into it, it should be workable.


A pony's limbs end in hooves, both legs and arms. Foot-hooves have no heel and keep the pony nimble on the balls of their human feet while enhancing the look of their calves and buttocks.

My preferred free set are the Kiri Hooves and the various modifications that have been made from them. PPP/LMR made a purple set, a red set was available from Hayao and FFF produced a pink set.

There are also different sets available from Maison de Broceliande and AK Stables.


When a pony is prancing and wiggles their hips, the tail accentuates their movements. Attached by either a harness or a butt-plug, this adds extra flare to the pony's gait.

Which tail you pick is up to you. There are many nice flowing tails available for free from most Stables. Some have plugs, some fit more closely to the base of the spine, others are part of a harness.

Arm Binder

A pony does not have hands, so in stead of using a set of hoof-mittens to prevent a pony from using her fingers, an arm binder can stop her using her arms. Either way, same result.... pony wont be undoing any latches or buckles.

The best free binders are those by Dari. For a pony, given they have a tail, I favour those based on the Dari U-Binder.

Sourcing Tack

Tack is not always the easiest to find, even if you want to pay for it. Some gets put out, then moved, taken down, upgraded, changed or simply goes out of fashion.

To make things a little easier, I have compiled a crate of all the free tack I have been able to find. It is not an exhaustive collection as some items I have are not transferable, but it also contains a few useful landmarks you may find useful when looking for tack or inspiration.


We already said that you can use an arm binder instead of hoof-mitten.... so what about other items you already have?

Chances are you have a nice head-harness or a body that you can be strapped into, and there's nothing to say you cannot replace any of these items with one to express your individuality as long as it remains functional, is in the spirit of pony play and is within the rules of the stable.

So feel free to experiment, show some individuality and start the next fashion trend.

Free Pony Starter Kit compiled by Jo Ronin :

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