Monday, September 26, 2011

XTC Leather - Oppression

“HELP! HELP! I'm being oppressed!”.. well, the original Python line is “repressed” - don’t misquote to a fan, they bite ;)

This is XTC’s latest release, hot off the press : Oppression.

What a great name.. Oppression by Xaviar Thunders.. sounds like Obsession by Calvin Klein.

Xav was kind enough to give me an advance version for our anniversary party at Rubber Room - you’ll spot it if you look awful close at the first and last pictures of the set.

Speaking of pictures, look at the vendor pic and you’ll see four lovely models named : the contest winners for this month.

Obsession is one of those impossible - or at least really not easy - to make in RL outfits. We’re lucky XTC is in SL and not competing with Jean-Claude Jitrois in Paris.

Belts anyone? Seems Xaviar heard that Mistress has a thing for them and he does aim to please.

You can choose between 4 different colors: violet and noir, as worn by Mistress, and blood and sapphire, worn by me.

The set comes with gloves, pants, corset all nice and belty, you also get a nice leather bikini and nipple tape, all color matched.

The corset is connected to the pants by, you guessed it, another belt that runs all the way down the leg.

Lovely party outfit and the bikini can be used at the beach, just don’t swim in it, it’s leather after all.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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