Thursday, October 13, 2011

Evelock - Collars

Eve is a friend of Nova’s; armed with a nice introduction, we dropped in on her and the cool mall she manages at Velvet Thorn.

Eve wanted something specific and couldn’t find it, so as smart people do, she set out to make collars that suited her.

The collars, then, are celtic inspired designs with delicate textures and lovely names like Tribal, Weaver and Celtic Swan.

Weaver is actually new, so not only did we find a new store, but just in time for a new design.

Eve has more “adult” designs at the store, so don’t hesitate to drop in for a peek, especially if you have a male slave to keep in line. There's also a little free gift in a neatly shaped box.. I'll let you find it. :)

And do visit her blog for more info on her creations :

It’s been a while but we have found some new collars we just had to show you.

Eve smartly uses one of the best free collar scripts in SL, Dari’s, so no surprises there.

Only thing she dropped from the script was the bell and changeable text to save prims and more important, keep the great look of the collar.

And the look is what makes these collars special, she put a very good looking graphic design on the nicely shaped collar.

This is your chance to get away from the usual collar look and wear something special.

Name : Evelock
Owner : Eve Terr


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