Friday, October 14, 2011

Pony Places: Highland Stable

by Kendra Chemistry, Pony Correspondent

Up high above the clouds (at 561m above sea level, to be precise), rests a happy little farm known as Highland Stable.

A new place on the pony play map, this stable caught my eye as it recently had a flurry of events. Your pony reporter was able to attend one of them and managed to do okay (considering she’d not pulled a cart in quite a while,) and had a great time.

Highland Stable features a courtyard-type stable building with stalls around the inside. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and kept, and there is a nice pasture for frolicking around and whip training. A path runs along the fringes of the pasture, which leads to the various event courses.

The stable owner, Sir Gaudin Himmel (who I'd only managed to catch a glimpse of during the cart event), is lucky to have in his employ the famed builder, Pony Cheryl (Umarov).

I would have liked to talked to him, but I had a bit locked in my mouth and was nervously waiting my turn at the event. Any pony that gets around knows that Cheryl builds some of the most beautiful, interesting and challenging (read evil) steeplechase courses in SL.

Aside from the steeple course, there are also more classic barrel and slalom courses, and a polo field.

I didn't get a chance to use it yet, but I spotted an interesting caged slalom course with counters and timers. Amazing, the way SL technology is applied to pony play sometimes. I'll have to come back soon with a pony that needs some remedial slalom training.

I was delighted to find Pony Cheryl in the midst of building a second steeple course, which I'm told will feature that trademark challenge (evil and scary) I love to see (hate, because I will spend hours or days trying to conquer it.)

The cart track is elevated above the stable land and affords nice scenic views. I give it a thumbs up. Come for the steeples, stay for the slalom cage.

The place: Highland Stable
Owner: Gaudin Himmel

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