Thursday, October 27, 2011

HybridZ - Submissionz Bitchsuit - Spotted Fur

HybridZ always surprises us with something out of the ordinary.. the Bitchsuit is no different.

You might be familiar with the art of a fellow who signs “The Veterinarian”... if he didn’t invent the bent-knees and bent-elbows bitch suit, he surely pioneered its use ;)

HybridZ did a great job.. if you can wear that suit and not feel dehumanized, I’ll be pretty surprised.

The dalmatian pattern is not the only one available, but we picked it because the black latex looked a bit too black-on-black in the vendor pic. the bane of prim design in SL.

The suit changes the wearer’s shape and skin, but lelo’s baby blues are pretty distinctive.. and when they gaze at me from that puppy face.. I just want to rub her tummy ;)

Here’s something new from in my book the creators of some of the most extreme AV’s in SL.

You get a complete AV with this kit, you just have to supply the eyes. *winks*

If you want to play more sexual games there is a prim pussy included, i guess doggy style poses should work with this one.

The supplied HUD gives you quick and easy access to the poses in the AO, everything from lay to wash is available.

The suit’s menu gives control over the RLV features, i’m glad to see they kept it simple so your not clicking for hours to set up your pup.

Finally there is a pee option, just in case you are into that, they do try to cover all the bases at HybridZ.

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis


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