Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Restrained Freedom - Reverse Stilettos

Stilletos. Spike heels. However you like to call them, high heels are fetish and fashion fundamentals.

We saw these at Katie’s shop when we dropped by at the beginning of the month, but as the head cage was new, we thought we’d show it to you first.

They’re called Reverse Stilettos, and they’re a fiendishly clever invention : the spike points towards the slave’s heel, forcing her up on her toes to avoid the painful tip.

This is just the kind of kinky, naughty device you’d see in the fifties drawings by Gene Bilbrew and the rest of the Irving Klaw stable of artists producing black and white S&M comics.

The Reverse Stilettos are easily colorable - gotta match the wardrobe, don’tcha know - and v1 and v2 compatible.

Not enough? How about some ground spikes with chains to hold your sweetie in place.. can't have her run away and hurt herself on those nasty spikes ;)

Time for a toy again and once again one by our favorite bondage bunny Katie.

The good looking shoes are rather fashionable and don’t stand out as bondage gear on a first glance and here in, at least to me, lays the thing that makes these so good.

From a fashion point of view you can use the supplied HUD to change the color of the shoes, skin, socks, metal and nails, so they should match your favorite outfit.

Clicking on the shoes themselves gives you access to the more interesting features of the shoes.

Next to the usual owner, lock and time lock features you can also spike the heels here, which starts all the “fun”.

While wearing the spiked shoes you’ll notice that when you get tired you’ll sink onto the spikes and the pain will force you to your knees, Katie ensures us that with enough training you’ll be able to walk for longer on them though.

These shoes are a must have for every bondage lover with a masochist streak.

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine


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