Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naughty N Nice - Rubber Warrior

Naughty and Nice’s ventured into fetishwear, and Nikita was kind enough to beep us and let us know.

This fun spiky outfit is called Rubber Warrior, and sells for the low low price of 50L$ until October 31st.

It’s made of a lot of fun prim parts and a very good shiny catsuit. A semi transparent version is included, but honestly, I prefer the opaque stuff.

There are spikeless cuffs, and you don’t have to wear the cloak and assorted spiky bits, but really, what’s the fun in that? Just be careful hugging friends and you’ll be fine ;)

The boots are controlled by a very nice HUD panel, and come with a v2 alpha layer, which means I had to slap on my POC invisiprims.

I love my boots tight, and that means a realistic shape fitting my legs - I had to make these a little big to fit me.

Still a good outfit for the price.. hurry and get it before Hallowe’en :)

Here we go again, there really should be someone who controls all these sharp clothing items or rubber dolls will be an endangered species.

Considering the price this is an amazing outfit, the shine is very good and the added prims really enhance the entire outfit.

And imagine for this money, she even throws in the matching boots, how's that for great value.

Seems Nikita is serious about breaking into the fetish market and with offers like this she should find her niche pretty quickly, we’ll keep you posted.

Name : Naughty N Nice
Owner : Nikita Lightfoot


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  1. This looks like a wonderful item. I looked for it at the store, but couldn't find it. Is it still for sale in the store? If so, which room is it in?