Monday, October 31, 2011

Purrfect 10 - Halloween Black Widow Heels

Hello darling, it’s me Deirdre, Mistress of the dark...” Well, Elvira I’m not, but this Hallowe’en nobody can say I didn’t make an effort ;)

The delicate little critters climbing on the lovely sandals by Purrfect 10 give them their name, Black Widow Heels.

They’re a total steal at 99L$ if spiders don’t give you the heebie-jeebies (black widow, brown recluse, funnel-web.. don’t get me started.)

Amusing anecdote: I had the skin color set perfectly, then used a fun Sirena hair trick, “/2 color black” to see if my usual blonde locks could be made to match the Mistress of the Dark look.

Well guess what? The shoes heard the command and turned black. Aaaagh! ;)

So, Deirdre free tip of the week: once you’ve matched the shoes to your own skin color, make note of the color, kiddies. (That’s the six numbers in the Texture color picker: RGB plus Hue, Saturation and Luminosity. Mine are 220 141 101, 20 63 63... that may give you a starting point.)

Happy Hallowe’en!

Still looking for those purrfect heels for your Halloween outfit? look no further we have found them for you.

Just in time for Halloween Ten introduces her Black Widow heels.

The shoes are simple in design with a good looking heel and a very good prim foot, the spiders are a nice seasonal extra. *shudders*

The little bite marks are a nice little twist, better get back on my knees and start sucking the poison out of them. *winks*

Name : Purrfect 10
Owner : Ten Dexler


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